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What are the different olive tree varieties? Where do they grow? How was olive oil produced in the past centuries and how is it made now?
The answers to these questions lay at the Musée de l'Huile d'Olive!

A Convivial and Educational Journey through Time

From picking to manufacturing, old presses to new technologies: The Olive Oil Museum offers a unique insight into the Meditarranean Cuisine's most prestigious product. Enjoy an entertaining visit featuring an original scenography and multimedia presentations.

Cultivating & Harvesting

The domesticated olive tree specie Olea Europa adapts very well to dry and sunny climates. Pruning is performed at the end of winter to maintain open space in the center of the tree, which enables sunlight to reach all the branches. Harvesting at La Royère is performed with rakes that literally comb the branches and begins in November when the fruits become ripe.

The Different Crushing Techniques and Ancient Presses

Explore around 30 different pressing units, cultivation tools, transport and storage equipments, miller tools... All ancient and exclusive pieces from different regions of the Mediterranean Basin.

The Old Mill

Discover the identical reconstruction of an antique mill from the town of Monticello in Corsica that depicts the olive oil manufacturing stages of the 1930s. Many original pieces from the mill have been gathered and thoroughly restored to be showcased at the museum.


At the end of the visit, why not indulge in a few tastings? Olive oils, Luberon wines and even home made spirits are available!


olive oil in france
and at la royÈre

Olivier Olives

Most of the olive oil that is consumed in France is imported, as the country only accounts for 5% of the production of its total consumption. La Royère, which started off as a winery, planted its first olive trees 18 years ago. The first ever harvest took place in 2018 and pressed in our newly built modern mill.

Olive trees require very little water, fertilisers and land - We proudly cultivate them (and our vineyard) following organic practices.

Huile Fond Transparent 1

La Royère's olive oil mill : 2019 represents the second year of harvest. Private individuals are also welcome to bring their olives in order to press their own olive oil at the start of November.

Décanteur Huile Olive

Our olive oil is available for purchase in our boutique, as well as many other items related to the olive tree.

Boutique La Royère


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